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Are you in love with cricket? Willing to play fantasy games? If it is so, Ground 11 is the ultimate choice. It is the world's biggest fantasy game site, where you can display your sports acumen, and also make lots of cash instantly. You can form your own teams comprising of players which will play the matches. Once the live match starts, the team that you have chosen starts scoring based on the actual performance of the players. At the end of the match; final points, rankings, and winners will be declared. We will be glad if you are one of them.

  • Your team is our wish
  • We always facilitate fair game play
  • We will be more than happy to see you a prize winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Cricket?
Cricket is not just a sport in India, it's a religion. So it's no surprise that Ground 11 is most popular for its immersive fantasy cricket experience. From Tests to T20s, you can join contests for all formats of international cricket on Ground 11. Apart from ICC matches and tournaments, users can also play online cricket games from various cricket leagues like the IPL - followed and played across the world. But how does one join and play a fantasy cricket match on Ground 11? All you need is do is register using your email address and mobile number. An even quicker way to sign up is by connecting your Google or Facebook account. The game comes with a set of rules that are put in place to ensure #FairPlay for everyone.
How To Play Fantasy Cricket and Win Cash Daily

Here are the basic rules you need to follow while playing a fantasy cricket match on Ground 11:

  • Selecting the Match

    - Once you head to the cricket page, you'll see a list of upcoming cricket matches that you can participate in. Pick the match that suits you want to play.
  • Creating a Team

    - After you've selected a match, it's time to put your sports knowledge and analytical skills to good use by picking the right team. This is critical as creating the best team will help you win bigger rewards in Cash Contests.
  • Cash Contests

    - Once you've created your team, you will be redirected to the contests page. Select a Cash Contest that fits your budget. You can also test your skills in Practice Contests. That's it! You're all set for the fantasy cricket game.
  • Follow the Match

    - It's time to check your fantasy cricket team’s progress. You can use the fantasy scorecard and contest leaderboard to check your rank. The scorecard is updated every 2 minutes.
  • Once the match is over and winners are officially declared, your fantasy team’s final ranking and winning amount will be visible on the leaderboard. You could withdraw winnings over Rs.200 from your Ground 11 account with a one-time verification.


Choose your captain and vice-captain carefully as they will score 2x and 1.5x points respectively and will decide whether you are the winner in your fantasy cricket contest.
What is IPL Fantasy League?
As cricket fans, we are a very opinionated bunch, often disagreeing with the decisions made by the teams we so dearly love. This is why Ground 11’s IPL Fantasy League has grown in popularity over the past few years. Here, we can pick 11 players in total form either of the teams playing a particular match, based on the tactics each of the team uses. Being analytical and understanding the potential tactics that will be used by the teams is important. Apart from that, keeping team loyalties aside is important. While playing IPL Fantasy League matches, the only focus has to be picking the best possible team to get maximum points.
How to Play IPL Fantasy?
You can choose 1-4 wicket keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders and 3-6 bowlers as a good mix. Finding the right balance between in-form, popular players and underrated players you think will play well is important. There are always players who quietly go about their business and aren’t celebrated as much. These are the players who you need to identify as the ones who will act as your differential and move you up the leaderboards. Once this is done, you need to assign a captain and a vice-captain for your team. Picking the right captain and vice-captain is a key decision as they get double and one and a half times their real score respectively. So, while you enjoy the exhilarating action of the IPL, your squad will accumulate points based on the performances of the players in your IPL Fantasy League team. The higher you score, the better your chances of winning exciting prizes on Ground 11.
Beyond Cricket - Fantasy
While fantasy cricket matches are extremely popular on Ground 11, it also offers Cash Contests in fantasy football, NBA and kabaddi matches. Ground 11 is the official partner of many popular leagues like Indian Super League (ISL), NBA, Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) and others. So why wait? Start playing on Ground 11 right away for the best fantasy sports experience.

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